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Thursday, April 23, 2015

I went into my local Sleep Number store in Palm Desert and spoke to Barton about the SLEEP NUMBER SleepIQ technology. He showed me on an iPad exactly how this amazing technology works to help you get the best sleep possible. This new, optional system has sensors that work with their Dual Air technology to monitor many different factors. These include heart beat, breathing rates, motion, temperature and how many times we get out of bed during the night. This helps to determine the quality and length of sleep we experience each night. Also, you can go online and fill in other criteria like what your diet and exercise patterns were for that day. It takes all this information (along with your personal goal of how many hours you'd like to sleep) and makes suggestions as to how much to adjust your sleep number and improve sleep.

Barton explained that if you enter information that you exercised and had caffeine late in the day and your sleep was not optimal, the SleepIQ system might suggest doing these things early in the day instead. It has preset criteria like caffeine, medications, exercise but also allows you to enter your own category so that it is easier for you to track what may be interfering with optimal sleep. You can track all this information (and it is saved for up to two years if you need to go back and compare) on your computer or device. It is easy and user friendly. 

This awesome technology is now available on their new bed models AND can be added to an existing Sleep Number bed. I know MY next mattress will be a Sleep Number bed with SleepIQ!

(Free item from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. The opinions are mine alone.)