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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here's the newest book review! It all begins with one high school girl going into convulsions during class. It is sudden and unexplained. As her condition worsens in the hospital, other teens seem to succumb to the same mysterious affliction. Panic spreads through the community.

  I really wanted to like this book. The Nash family is likable enough. The story jumps back and forth between their different perspectives. There's the dad, Tom, who is a teacher at the high school which is being affected. There's Deenie, Tom's daughter, who is a student at the high school and also best friends with the first victim. Eli, Deenie's brother and Tom's son, also attends the high school. The fact that the perspective jumps around is disruptive.

  The author throws red herrings around freely. What is causing this outbreak? Is is the HPV vaccine that the girls recently received? Is it an STD? Is it the contaminated lake with the glowing, green algae? Why is affecting only girls?

  The author certainly knows teenagers well. Deenie struggles with problems that most teenage girls experience. She is dealing with her sexual awakening, insecurity about her position within her group of friends, and feelings of abandonment due to her mom leaving. On top of that she is filled with fear at this outbreak.

  My biggest problem with this book is that it dragged on and on. It was a good start but the middle section of the book went on too long. When the ending finally came, it was almost a relief just to be done. The actual ending left unanswered questions but not in a good way. This was my first book by Megan Abbott. The writing itself was good so I might give this author another chance.

  I received this advance copy from NetGalley for honest review.

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