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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi there! Like the title says, I am just an opinionated girl...and happy to share my opinion with anyone who will listen. I will be reviewing different products and letting you all know how I feel about them (and I'm not shy about it.) Also, I love a deal so if I find a good one I will be sure to share!

Today I am reviewing my CarMD device. I got a great deal on it due to my participation in the BzzAgent program. This great little device is worth it's weight in gold.
Being a girl, I don't know much about cars and car parts (some girls might, but not this one.) So, when it comes to dealing with car problems, I feel lost. I've had some terrible experiences with mechanics. They give me a long list of what is wrong with my vehicle and tell me how expensive the repairs will be. I've spent $2000 on a car getting it repaired only to have the same, or worse problem, a few weeks later. Now it's a different mechanic telling me how the first one ripped me off and how he can fix the problem...for several hundred dollars. Sound familiar?
Well, with CarMD I can avoid all the guessing. It is so easy to use even a girl like me can do it. I used it on my car and my boyfriend's and found out there were recalls on some of the parts. All we have to do is call the dealer and get those fixed for free. Without CarMD, I never would have even known about the recalls. Then I tried it on my son's car and found there was a problem with the ABS. It also told me exactly how much the part would cost ($69.58) and how much the total should be for both parts and labor ($193.33) This way, I know what I'm dealing with and how much it should cost BEFORE I go to the repair shop. It gives me a real feeling of empowerment.
One device covers up to 3 vehicles (but allows you to add more for a fee.) If you use the following link, you can save $30 off the purchase of your own CarMD. It will save you money when it comes time to take your car in for repairs. I highly recommend it! -BzzAgent Ta2kitty

Or buy it on

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